Application procedure guidelines

Confirmation of receipt: After submitting the application, the applicant will receive a confirmation within one week.

Term: Processing of the application takes approximately four weeks.

Processing time: An application can be submitted throughout the year. The application must be submitted at least 2 months before the start of the project.

Granting or rejection of the application: After the application has been processed by the board of the TCFF, the applicant receives an allocation or a rejection by letter/email.

Justification of the donations: Within two months after the end of the project, the TCFF will receive a financial statement of the funds spent. The last part will be paid on the basis of this final settlement, depending on the costs actually incurred.


 Substantive evaluation: The TCFF also receives a substantive evaluation within two months after the end of the project.

 The substantive assessment: The assessment of a donation request depends on a number of factors. The board of the TCFF checks whether the application meets the general criteria, the objective and whether it fits within the available budget.

 Agreement: After the approval has been confirmed in writing, a donation agreement is drawn up. In addition to general terms and conditions, this agreement contains specific conditions for the further processing of your donation request.

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