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Welcome to the Torarica Community Fund: Where Your Visit Matters More Than You Think!

Join us in making a difference that truly touches hearts and changes lives. When you visit us, your support extends far beyond just enjoying a memorable experience. With every visit, you become a hero for the disabled basketball players, giving them the chance to play the game of their dreams. You become an architect of hope for the students at Waaldijkcollege, helping us renovate and shape a brighter future for their education. And most importantly, you become the reason for the gleeful smiles of the children at Children's Home Betheljada.

With your generous contribution, we can create moments of joy, dreams fulfilled, and a positive impact on the lives of those who need it most. Your donation will play a pivotal role in empowering these communities, providing them with opportunities they deserve.

Together, we can uplift spirits, break barriers, and bring happiness to those who often go unnoticed. So, don't wait – donate now and be a part of something truly meaningful.

Join us in writing stories of hope and love. Your compassion can create a world of difference for those who need it the most. Let's build a brighter future – one heartwarming moment at a time.

Ready to make a difference? Drop a little love and support into the collection box at any of the Torarica Group's cashier locations and join the heartwarming mission of the Torarica Community Fund.


The Torarica Community Fund Foundation (TCFF) aims to allocate funds to promote tourism in Suriname and to offer support in the development of specific social and educational projects with a sustainable character, in the broadest sense.

The TCFF uses general criteria for the allocation of donations. These apply to all donation requests. The application will be considered if it meets the following general criteria.

General criteria

  • The application is submitted by a national or international registered organisation, foundation or association.
  • The project benefits (inter)national tourism in Suriname
  • The project falls within the aforementioned objective of STCF
  • The organization submitting the project must be non-profit
  • The project has a start and end date in a project plan

The TCFF does not support:

  • The TCFF does not provide structural support and does not make up any operating deficits
  • Individual applicants are not eligible for a donation
  • Projects with a religious or political objective are not eligible for a donation.
  • Requests for donations to support a fundraising activity

You can request a donation from the TCFF trough our online application form or send in detailed project plan by email to

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