Local Discount

"The Local Discount" is an initiative created to support our valued community members facing the challenges of the current economic situation. Our mission is to make a tangible contribution to the well-being of the community by offering them the opportunity to use our services at greatly reduced rates.

At a time when financial pressures and economic uncertainty overwhelm many, we strive to be a source of relief. We understand that access to essential services is critical to one's daily quality of life. Therefore, we want to ensure that these services are accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

Torarica's mission with Local Discount goes beyond discounts and offers. It is about building a community where everyone can thrive, supporting local growth and development, and strengthening ties between Torarica and local residents. Together, we strive for a more prosperous and inclusive future for our region.

We believe that our success is closely tied to the prosperity and well-being of those around us. Therefore, we want to emphasize that we want locals to not only be our guests, but also part of The Group, our identity, and our future.

Details of the discount are as follows:

  • 25% discount on room rates
  • 10% discount on F&B (Excluding weekends and national holidays on items from the Pool Terrace)
  • 10% discount on massages from Monday to Friday
  • 50% discount on a day – use Gym + Sauna combination

The above discounts are applicable to the services of all 3 hotels, but not in
combination with other specials such as:

  • Rooms Specials (Weekend Package, Honeymoon Package & Summer Vibes etc.)
  • F&B Events and Specials (Lime Deal, Torarica BBQ, Eco Brunch etc.)

For now the local discount is valid till June 30th, 2024.

It is essential to emphasize that guests must present a valid Surinamese
identity card or proof of residency (e.g., residence permit or
work permit) must show. This will then be verified by the attending
server or supervisor at the front desk or restaurant.

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