Project Huize Betheljada

Huize Betheljada in Suriname provides 24-hour care and day care for children with multiple disabilities. The residents battle with severe intellectual and physical disabilities, often sensory challenges, epilepsy, and limited communication abilities. Since its establishment in 1979, the need for this care has been continuously growing. Since 1998, Huize Betheljada has been offering day care for approximately 20 children. Daily care is provided and activities are offered to stimulate the children’s development, such as walking, sensory stimulation, music, reading, and dancing, both individually and in groups. Additionally, there is a collaboration with Eco Torarica, where the residents of Huize Betheljada walk to weekly to enjoy tasty snacks and drinks. Renovation of the elevator

The Torarica Community Fund is on the verge of launching a life-changing project: the renovation of the elevator. We are fully committed to raising funds for this initiative. The renovation of the elevator is crucial because it will improve the mobility of children with multiple disabilities. This, in turn, allows them to experience greater independence and participate in educational and recreational sessions. Not only does this enhance their quality of life, but it also eases the work of caregivers. Your visit matters more than you think!

Project Waaldijkcollege

The A.L Waaldijkcollege was originally founded to promote the emancipation of Suriname. The school began as the country’s first domestic school but has adapted to changing times and the needs of its students. The school offers programs in: Facility Services, Hospitality, Fashion Creation and Commerce, and Health and Welfare. The goal is to prepare students to make a valuable contribution to society, guided by the core values: emancipated, independent, creative, practical, personal, and reliable.

Facility Renovation

With the assistance of the Torarica Community Fund, we aim to raise financial resources for renovation projects. Our goal extends beyond the renewal of the building; we also seek to provide furniture and other necessities, creating a pleasant environment for students to acquire knowledge. You can make a donation today and make a significant contribution to the future of these students. Your visit matters more than you think!

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