About us

Torarica Group first opened their doors on July 10th 1962 and sets out to be the traveler’s destination of choice. The brand ‘Torarica’ is one of the oldest and most well-known hotel brands in Suriname. As if now Torarica Gorup consists of three hotels: Torarica Resort, Eco Torarica and Royal Torarica.

The mission and vision of the Torarica Group are as follows:

Missie: We share the best local experience in hospitality by entertaining and engaging with passion.

Visie: Foster growth by being the traveler’s destination of choice, through building on our decades of experience as the local hospitality brand.

Torarica Resort:

Torarica Resort is a tropical paradise along the Suriname River, close to the bustling entertainment and historic center of Paramaribo. It’s always the perfect location, whether you’re in Suriname for business, leisure, or a family vacation.

Eco Torarica:

Eco Torarica is located in the heart of Paramaribo and will be your home away from home in the tropics. Discover the rich colonial history of Paramaribo and Suriname at our colonial mansion. Here, we will welcome you to our cozy lounge, so you will feel right at home. At Eco Torarica you enjoy a combination of adventure, culture, tranquility, and nature. It’s the perfect place to stay to travel to the adventurous outback of Suriname fully rested.

Royal Torarica:

Royal Torarica is the most exclusive, luxurious, and prestigious hotel in the heart of Paramaribo in Suriname. A lovely hotel with the best business facilities for business people. But if you’re looking for an abundance of luxury and tranquillity during your holiday, then our hotel in the heart of Paramaribo is also a wonderful place to stay. 



On the 21st October 2019, Green Key International was delighted to announce that the Torarica Group was the first company with a Green Key award in Suriname and the third in South America. Green Key is an eco-label for tourism and leisure establishments and is awarded to establishments that fulfill a list of environmental requirements. Obtaining Green Key demonstrates the establishments’ efforts to develop an environmentally friendly, sustainable, and responsible business.


The Green Key Award is valid for one year and can be extended every year if the audit results are positive. In total, there 13 criteria to which the Torarica Group complies. We are pursuing knowledge and practices that can lead to more environmentally friendly decision–making, which can help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations.

We are proud to share some of our green initiatives with you. In our hotel, we separated our waste as much as possible, such as plastic, aluminum, glass, kitchen oil, electronic waste, and general waste.

  • We have recycled 59% of our plastic material. From this, new garbage bags are made which we use again in our hotels
  • 62% of our Kitchen Oil is recycled and re-used as biofuel by one of our shared company holders
  • Yearly, we strive to achieve a 2% water use reduction. To commit to this percentage, we purchase showers, faucets, and toilets with a different standard, without sacrificing comfort and quality for our guests.
  • In our restaurants, we use biodegradable bags and we have a no-straw policy. Compostable straws made from avocado seeds are available upon request.
  • To work towards a more paperless work environment, our menus are digitalized, as well as our guest experience survey. Our guests can scan all these through the QR codes.
  • We support local content and therefore prefer working with local suppliers, eco-labeled products, and biological products.

As a loyal guest of the Torarica Group, you also contribute to maintaining a healthy environment. We go a step further than normal laws and regulations required.

“We cannot imagine a world without Green! All steps matter! Go Green! Go Green Key! Caring for our environment is a structural part of our business objectives.”, says the Torarica Group’s CEO, Dave Boucke.

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